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Healthcare that’s designed around you.

roz blends traditional care with advanced testing and telemedicine, to create a highly-personalized healthcare shopping experience.

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Why do we go to the gym to be healthy and the doctor only when we’re sick?

True healthcare shouldn’t just make you well, it should keep you healthy. It shouldn’t be inconvenient, expensive, or hard to manage, but as easy to find, compare, and buy as everything else you shop for. The problem with the healthcare debate is that no one has been focused on the right questions–“how do I get cost-effective personalized care from a team of expert providers to help me stay accountable for my health and delivered over my phone?”

An easier way

What if taking care of your health could be a simple habit instead of a dreaded chore?

Online convenience

What if you could skip the trip to your doctor’s office?

Transparent pricing

What if you clearly understood the costs ahead of time?

What is roz?

roz is healthcare focused on you. Instead of trying to make your way through a maze of clinics and retailers with their own systems, get a simplified healthcare network that’s built around you.

Healthcare coach

Your dedicated roz coach is just a text, call, or email away.

eVisits with roz providers

No waiting rooms—all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Customized roz care plan

Get your own health roadmap—and support to help you follow it.

Advanced testing

No referrals or lab visits—test on your time at home or work.

Vitamins & supplements

Order what your provider recommends with a few extra clicks.

Diet & fitness

Tailored plans on what to eat and how to stay in shape.

Advanced testing

Welcome to the future of personalized medicine: from monitoring your genetic code to identifying allergies our tests can help you understand and monitor your health. With more than 50 different tests (and counting), roz gives you the power of knowing.

Seamless and online

Imagine getting a healthcare plan, scheduling appointments, seeing a doctor, following up, and ordering your tests and supplements from the same place. Now imagine doing it all online—on your time and on your terms.

Simplified pricing

Ditch the healthcare bureaucracy. We hate complicated pricing and endless paperwork just as much as you do—so we got rid of them. With roz, you see all of the costs up front with no surprise bills later on.

roz is coming soon!

Enter your email below and we'll let you know when roz is available.